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Shape the Future of Employee Experience and Engagement

By participating in this survey you’ll have an opportunity to share your expertise, experience and contribute to the collective development of the EX community.

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The EX Report 2023

Add your Voice, Experience and Expertise

"I’m excited to hear from fellow EX practitioners and understand more about their day-to-day realities. These insights will be invaluable to not only developing EX practice but to improving the working lives of people around the world." 

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Emma Bridger

Co-Founder The Ex Space

What is The EX Report?

At The EX Space we are committed to developing the practice of EX and your valuable insights will help us gain a deeper understanding of the employee experience landscape, we’re delighted to partner with The People Experience Hub, who’ll be powering the tech and analysis for The EX Report.

The EX Report will provide the definitive insights on the work Ex and Engagement practitioners are doing right now, the barriers they face, good practices and how we can develop, shape and elevate our practice. 

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Boost your knowledge of the global employee experience landscape. Identify skills gaps, so you can develop your own potential. Understand how other organisations are structuring their teams and the budgets they’re committing, so you can make the case for change.  


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Shape the Future

Learn what others are doing and how they’re doing it. Understand what’s working and what’s getting in the way. Identify future trends. Use our data to benchmark your activity and shape a winning EX and EE strategy.  

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Contribute to the collective development of the global EX community and, together, let’s raise the bar!  Published annually, The EX Report will chart the development and growth of the emerging employee experience profession.  

Meet the People behind The EX Report

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